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Welcome to the Amazon SageMaker Extension Pre-Release

What is Amazon SageMaker?

In recent years machine learning has proved to be a game-changing tool for companies by helping them plan for - and quickly respond to - the demands of their customers.  Amazon SageMaker is AWS’s powerful Machine Learning service that assists data scientists by streamlining machine learning model creation and deployment.  Data scientists can easily customize models directly in the AWS console and deploy these algorithms at scale for their entire organization.  Read more here

ML for the business user:

As machine learning starts to play a more significant role in today’s business landscape it is accompanied by a shift towards an increasingly self-service model.  With our most recent integration, Tableau continues to empower business users to contribute significantly to advanced analytics initiatives within their businesses. With a basic understanding of best practices, business users can design new models and deploy them to without having to build them in python.

ML for the data scientist:

The Amazon SageMaker dashboard extension brings the functionality of Amazon SageMaker directly into the Tableau Dashboards you are familiar with.  Using Tableau is a natural fit for the data scientist who is responsible for exploring and understanding their data before they can train accurate models.  By adding a user interface on top of the SageMaker service we have also removed the need for users to have familiarity with coding languages.  This extension keeps you in the flow of analysis – creating a cohesive workflow between analytics and machine learning.

Sign up for the pre-release here!

By signing up for the pre-release program you are added to the list of customers who will be first to receive the new Amazon SageMaker dashboard extension.  Stay ahead of the competition by being the first to see how to integrate our newest SageMaker integration with your Tableau deployment. Your participation is vital to the success of this integration – we will rely on customer feedback to improve and tune the extension to best meet the needs of Tableau and AWS users.  Stay tuned and we will let you know when the extension is available and ready for download!  Take a sneak peek at the planned interaction below.